Saturday, September 8, 2018

Wireless Broadband to Fix Your Internet Access Problems

We wished to report on success with obtaining fast wireless broadband in a place a few miles from Exeter where it was not possible to obtain fast wired broadband.

The solution was to use a highly sensitive antenna from 4G Internet (a division of National Broadband Limited) in combination with a broadband service from Vodafone. The antenna was placed on a roof and pointed towards the nearest Vodafone mast. In spite of the fact that there are trees in the direction of the Vodafone mast we are still getting somewhere in the region of 11 to 17 mbps for downloads and 5 to 9 mbps for uploads.

It's not fibre speed but at least we are now able to work productively.

In addition, recent latency tests using MLab with the Vodafone service have returned results as low as 25 ms which appear to be reasonable even for wired internet connections.

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