Sunday, July 29, 2018

Problems Getting Fibre Internet Broadband from BT and Openreach Near Exeter

We'd like to share with you our experiences of trying to get a fibre internet broadband connection from BT and Openreach.

First of all, to make things clear, the situation was that we had a slow internet connection being delivered over a copper line and we wanted to install fibre.  In other words, we wanted Fibre To The Premises (FTTP).

The process of getting a survey done, and getting a quote took around 6 months. Openreach wouldn't do anything until we paid them several hundred pounds for the survey to see whether there was even a chance of getting fibre. Openreach wouldn't give us an indication of what the fibre build cost might be (hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of pounds) to see whether it would be worth paying lots of money for a survey.

In addition, the process involved continual chasing of BT and Openreach, and being directed by each organisation to the other organisation on multiple occasions. Further, on the many occasions we tried to contact Openreach, the average waiting time on the phone was close to an hour. On two occasions the phone rang for around 90 minutes and then the line just went dead.

When we did finally get a quote it was wrong, and the second version was unclear and incomplete, and we were forced to chase for answers. Finally, after all this, we were told that, in fact, Openreach had made a mistake and FTTP was not available.

This is despite, to our knowledge, the fact that fibre has already been laid down the road past our property. The Openreach claim is that the issue is providing the equipment within the exchange that would be required.

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