Thursday, July 21, 2016

Exeter Technology Firms

Alpha-Active Ltd
Design and provision of:
Brainwave monitoring electroencephalograph (EEG) products for neuroscience and cognitive studies, therapies and rehabilitation applications, and sports performance coaching. 
Datalogger EEG, EMG & ECG systems. These are very small, wearable products that do not require connection to any PC etc, during data acquisition. 
Eyetracker systems that may be used in conjunction with EEG systems, etc., including for training on simulators, etc. 
Eneso's enPathia head mouse - an assistive technology solution for those who cannot use a conventional mouse and keyboard.

APi Communications Ltd
Designers and installers of audio visual systems. 

Ardenham Energy Ltd
Energy saving and Renewable energy solutions provider including funding and finance. Serving clients within Agricultural, Community, Commercial, Corporate and Public Sector.

Beco Solar Ltd
Designers and installers of Photovoltaic (PV) solar energy systems for industrial, commercial, marine & domestic uses. Established installers of wind turbines. Manufacturers our own range of solar charge controllers and specialist batteries.

CoolLED Ltd
Design and manufacture high intensity LED light sources for the life science market. In particular high pressure mercury bulbs used in fluorescence microscopy. 

Crispin Associates (UK) Ltd
Suppliers of photocopiers and printers for network installations; video conferencing systems; digital signage systems; interactive displays and projectors; solar-powered computer systems.

Architecture and management of telecommunications voice, data and mobile solutions. 

DNEFlow Limited
Design and manufacture ultrasonic flowmeters 
Energy Audits/Heat Loss
HVAC System Installations and Audits
Leak Detection

EDF Energy
Low carbon energy solutions. 

Graphic PLC
Manufacturer of printed circuit boards. 

Originally set out to make hybrid motors for vans to reduce fuel consumption and emissions but now offers a telematics system to improve driver behaviour.

Field Service Management Software

Nexus Open Systems Ltd
Computing solutions and IT training.

Geo-tagging video technology.

Making equipment for processing optical fibres for a range of industries.

Zeta Automotive
Econospeed - a technology developed by Zeta Automotive that limits the acceleration of a vehicle, thereby cutting fuel costs and carbon emissions.

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